Climate Control - Rapid City, South Dakota | Completed Projects
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Completed Projects

sioux sanSioux San IHS Hospital

Building Highlights

Full System Integration: Full HVAC controls with integrated utilities and fire alarm.

At the Sioux San IHS Campus we retrofit mostly pneumatic buildings to Direct Digital Controls. We also fitted the  Air Handlers with new hot water valves and chilled water valves, damper actuators. In addition we replaced existing wire for every end device, valve, and sensor. We also replaced the Chiller Plant, Boiler Plant, Steam to Hot Water Heat Exchangers, and Office Unit Heaters.

In addition to the HVAC controls we integrated numerous utilities (electric, gas, and steam) for monitoring. Through Automated Logic’s extensive integration drivers we also integrated Generators, Transfer Switches, and Fuel Tanks. We also monitor the Dental Vacuum Systems, Well Pump House Levels, and Beacon Medaes Med Gas Systems. We are currently in the process of integrating the entire campus’s Fire Alarm System for remote monitoring.



PeteLienPete Lien & Sons

Building Highlights

Data Center Condition Monitoring: Remote Monitoring of Critical Conditions.

We utilized Automated Logic’s WEBCtrl Building Management System to monitor our customer’s Data Center. We monitor temperature, humidity, numerous conditions with the Liebert Cooling Unit. We also have a floor mounted water sensing alarm. The advantages to monitoring these key components alone with our WEBCtrl system allows for remote access to conditions and automatic alarming of issues via Email and or Text Message to allow fast response to protect critical equipment.



RPCLibraryRapid City Public Library

Building Highlights

Reduce Maintenance Costs: Replaced aging equipment controllers

The Rapid City Public Library compared rising maintenance costs to maintaining aging equipment with the need for increased control on key components to their HVAC Systems. In phasing out troublesome equipment and integrating other systems in the building they were able to utilize WEBCtrl’s Multi Device platforms for mobile troubleshooting, system operation as well as focus on increasing energy efficiency. They are also benefiting from increased trending of their building systems and overall better comfort.  The library is also involved in the process of monitoring gas utility usage as this is their main source of heat for the building.



FenskeMediaFenske Media Corp

Building Highlights

Improved Control: More intuitive system with more functionality

Fenske Media Corp felt the need to upgrade their existing Building Management Systems to a cutting edge Web Based Browsing System instead of a dedicated operator workstation. They also felt there was room for better control over their facility. The opted for the ZS line of sensors to monitor VOC’s in the space to maintain a safe environment for workers.  They recently replaced the Data Room’s cooling unit to a higher effieciency and more reliable Liebert Cooling System. We were able to fully integrate their Liebert via modbus RTU to monitor issues and trend information. Fenske is also committed to montioring their electrical energy usage.



Lead-Deadwood High School

Building Highlights

Integration: Chief Dispatcher Boiler Controller via Modbus RTU

With Automated Logic’s increasing effort to provide great integration solutions we were able to integrate the school’s Steam Boiler Plant that had a complex control system already installed. Previous to the integration the staff was only able to read critical information at the Boiler Control Panel.

After we installed a graphical overlay and utilized the information we were able to provide our customer with a very intuitive and user friendly Building Automation System (BAS). This BAS allowed the staff to not only view  information once reserved for the plant only, it also allowed for scheduling of the boiler system to accommodate snow days, holidays, or warm weather to conserve energy.


LeadDeadwoodElementaryLead Deadwood Elementary

Building Highlights

Retrofit: Replaced aging control system in classroom Unit Ventilators

With Automated Logic’s ZN series controller we were able to remove aging controllers and utilize the unprecedented power and flexibility through fully programmable networked controllers. The ZN series are BACnet Advanced Application Controllers capable of communicating BACnet over ARC156 or BACnet over MS/TP. We also added our ZS style Sensors which have the ability to monitor VOC’s and ventilate based on demand.




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